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Preserve Holmdel (PH) is working together with Citizens for Informed Land Use (CILU) and Friends of Holmdel Open Space (FOHOS) to alert the public and gather their support to defeat the potential development of the Crawford Hill  property which is located just off Holmdel Road, 1/4 mile from Town Hall. This property, which is approximately 42 acres in size, was more recently owned by Nokia and was sold to a private developer a couple of years ago. The Holmdel Township Council passed an ordinance on 11/2/22 to examine this property for potential redevelopment. Designating Crawford Hill as a redevelopment area has a high probability to become a high-density condominium development.  The township had been approached previously regarding such a development.


We believe it is highly important to preserve this property as a public park in perpetuity because it contains the highest point in Monmouth County and holds the Horn Antenna, a National Landmark site. For those of you that are not aware, the Horn Antenna was used by Bell Labs researchers Robert Wilson and Arno Penzias to discover the cosmic microwave background radiation, which confirmed the Big Bang theory of the creation of the universe. Wilson and Penzias were awarded the Nobel Prize for their work with the Horn. 


As a public park, Crawford Hill and the Horn Antenna can offer beautiful views of the Raritan Bay and Manhattan, picnic areas, walking/hiking trails, and the historic Horn. We are asking for your support by clicking on the following link to sign our petition:


We would also ask that you voice your opposition to the redevelopment of this property by emailing the following to our Township Committee:

“As a Holmdel resident I am in favor of keeping the Horn Antenna and its grounds being PRESERVED IN PERPETUITY AS A PUBLIC HISTORIC LANDMARK AND PARK"

Send to:  Committeeman Greg Buontempo,

Mayor DJ Luccarelli

Deputy Mayor Rocco Impreveduto

Committeeman Brian Foster

Committeewoman Kim Lamountain

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