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PRESERVE Holmdel (PH) is a grass roots, non-profit organization that stopped the construction of two artificial turf fields at Cross Farm Park (CFP) in 2016.  PH is currently:


  • Bicycle/Walking Path- currently on Phase 1

  • Updating and needed maintenance of Holmdel Pool Club

  • Refurbishing of Allocco and Ackerman Park

  • Save the Horn Antenna and Crawford Hill land for a public park

  • Keep lights out of CFP and keep park a bucolic space

  • Proactively monitoring all township committee meetings and land proposals that would change the face of Holmdel Township

PRESERVE Holmdel filed a petition with over 700 names to the township on September 6, 2016 requesting a referendum to have the residents of Holmdel decide on the expansion of Cross Farm.  The initial petition was denied as insufficiently notarized.  The re-notarized petition was accepted by the township clerk, who qualified 624 signers on October 11, 2016: 

"Since I am satisfied as to the truthfulness and genuineness of the signatures, I have determined that the Amended Petition may now be certified as sufficient to proceed to referendum."


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